Neutol - stock / concentrate shelf life

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    Apr 7, 2003
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    Hello all!

    The Agfa Neutol paper developers are from concetrate supposed to be diluted 1:3 once opened and stored in glass bottles as stock solution.

    Once I tried to not proceed the normal way, I simply opened a Neutol concentrate and used it for a couple of weeks to mix 1:11 directly from conectrate. That didn't work at all,.. after some weeks the concetrate went dark yellow/brownish and was destroyed.

    I hate mixing, pouring and measuring, cleaning & storing bottles... so I decided to try another approach on the same theme... using Neutol as a "mix-straight-from-concentrate" developer... This time I opened a 1.25 litre bottle of Neutol WA, poured it in a brown glass bottle (those thight-capped special seald bottles from the pharmacy) and filled the bottle up with glas-marbles to avoid air in the bottle. Evey now and the when I use 100ml of the concentrate I put in more marbles, keeping the fluid level to a maximum, avoiding practically all air inside this bottle.

    anyone else been down this road? The thing is that I haven't had this system going long enough to be sure if it is working, and now I am about to open a Neutol NE bottle, and maybe a Tetenal Eukobrom.

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    I've used the marble trick in the past. Works very well. With Neutol WA, I just squeeze the bottle as I use it, and so far so good.