Needed - a good film for gum printing.

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    I'm looking to do some color gum prints. I'm doing the negatives ummmm.....errrrr....digitally....but only because that is the best way to get good gum negs for what I want.

    Anywho, I need some film recommendations for this work. I'll be shooting in a studio with up to 3 sizable softboxes so I will have soft light to work with. Normally I'd go straight for the Portra, since it is such a good all-around portrait film. And I love the stuff. Covers a multitude of sins. :smile:

    But I started thinking that this may not be best for gum prints. Perhaps some slide film? My main goal is normal skin tones.

    Any hints here? Should I stick with old Portra or go for something more exotic? It will be scanned in, so made into digital negs, so I have a lot of lattitude here as to what type of film to use.