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    Damn, I spelled the title wrong. specific*

    Hello all,

    I need a petzval that is no shorter than 8" and no longer than 10", no slower than f/4 but preferably f3.5
    And most importantly, I need it to have a flange, with that flange being no larger than 3" in diameter.
    I'm trying to mount a slightly faster lens on my Super D for portraits and general photography.

    In an ideal world, I'd like to try the lens out to make sure it will suit my needs, and if not return it, and if so, either trade one of my other lenses or buy it outright if it works well enough.

    I don't have a ton of cash at the moment, but I have for possible trade:

    A beautiful brass and chrome named 8" f/4 Rapid Rectilinear which is convertible to a different FL and quality by removing off the rear element.
    It's beautiful for portraits at close distances on 4x5, and I can give examples.

    If the above does not appeal to you, I have a 5" (approx f/3.5) no-named magic lantern Petzval. It looks beautiful with a hint of swirl on 120 roll film on a 4x5 camera, and will swirl a lot on every full frame of 4x5.

    Both of these lenses render color beautifully.