need help choosing a "technical" camera

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    i must call upon your assistance once again guys! im thinking of moving on from my bronica sq-a and getting into technical cameras. i dont really know much about them to be honest. i love their style and the effects you can get with lens movements. im a little aware of graflex style ones and the horseman brand but that's about as far as my knowledge goes. can anyone help with any pointers on what to look out for at all? i know some will probably suggest just buying a 4x5 camera but im never going to shoot that big. ill be sticking to 120 film.
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    Graflex "graphic" cameras has limited movement. You should look into getting a Linhof Technika or MPP Micro Technical if you want one thats portable. If not, almost any monorail will do. The latter one can be had quite cheap, both here or on the big olde auction site. Brands that are widely appreciated are Toyo, Cambo, Wista, Sinar and Calumet. Linhof, Graflex and MPP also makes these cameras. I know all of these are 4x5's, but 120 backs can easily be acquired.
    If you're insisting on using smaller ones, read this article:
    Theres a Cambo SC-1 up on the bay right now, for an okay price. Takes RB67 backs.
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    I have a Linhof Technikardan 45, and it is one of the best tech cameras ever made, IMO; it's such a unique design, and has every movement possible.
    It is self-contained, doesn't need any extra accessories (other than a bag bellows for very wide lenses), no additional rails to carry, and lens boards are cheap and ubiquitous.
    It would be hard to go wrong with one of these, and hard to find a more user-friendly 4x5 camera.
    Like anything else so wonderful and unique, it does have its detractors, so read up on it as much as you can.

    If I had $$ to spare, I'd also get a Toyo VX125, which is roughly the same idea as the TK45 in terms of portability and features, but uses a clever rail system, and has some geared movements (TK45 does not).

    In the field category, Wista has an impressive line-up of technical cameras: the RF, VX and SP.
    While not unlimited, movements on those cameras are quite generous, and they are very solid pieces of kit.