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  1. This N90S has not been getting much use, so it's time for it to go to someone that will give it proper exercise. All works properly and is ready for film. The only issue is cosmetic and that is that the upper 1/3 of the back door has etching marks. These show in the pics and have zero effect on use. If I didn't have an F100, I would keep and use this. I have used AF and AI lenses on this body with good results. Attached photos show cosmetics and a couple of pics taken with the N90S. $65 and I will split fees for US buyers.
  2. I still have two of these cameras. One of the best early AF film cameras Nikon ever made.
  3. Eric is right. I have this (in Canada it was called the F90x) and it's not only got a great metering system but it just never dies -- I used mine for daily newspaper work for years and it's still working perfectly for me...quite an underrated camera.
  4. ?? Take the ebay gamble??
    Thanks for your support chip j!!
  5. I have yet to find one on Ebay that's this clean for anywhere near as cheap as $65! I surrendered and bought a battered one last week, or I would be buying this one.
  6. Yes Chip, I am in contact with reality. You can PM me and I will give you references from past purchases & sales on ebay, this forum and a few others. If you don't bother to contact me privately, I will know you just like to blow steam publicly.
  7. I've purchased from Gerry and was impressed with the honest and accurate description of the item, the quick response to questions and the thorough packaging and quick shipping of the item. Far better than any purchase that I have made on the 'bay.
  8. I purchased a LunaPro SBC light meter from Gerry that was practically mint, and he had tested it against other meters to assure accuracy. It was also less expensive than any on eBay, none of which were in the same condition.