My Pentax 67 arrived. Thoughts and a couple quick questions.

Discussion in 'Medium Format Cameras and Accessories' started by marcmarc, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone,
    The Pentax 67 (2nd generation) that I wrote about last week arrived this morning. I was able to take it out for a test spin this afternoon. It's pretty clean looking for "bargain" grade from KEH but they are very conservative with their grading. I have the 105mm and unmetered penta prism. Film transport is smooth and other then a bit of a scare when the winding lever seemed stuck in the forward position and the shutter wouldn't release, it seems OK. After taking the camera to a nearby repair shop, I learned that I simply didn't advance the lever far enough. With that slight delay out of the way I went to downtown LA. There is quite a kick the camera gives when making an exposure. I was shooting Foma Pan 100 rated at 50 in bright afternoon sun. I had no problem keeping my shutter speed up for hand holding the camera, but I still decided to shoot a test roll. I found a white street sign with black letters facing the sun. I shot a roll starting with 1/1000 and going down to 1/60. I try never to shoot below 1/125 but I'm curious to to see how these come out. If I can get a sharp 16x20 print at 1/125 I'll be very happy.

    I also shot a test roll of some covered outdoor retail space. I took and incident reading in the sunlight and filled half the frame with the shadows and the other half with the highlight area and again went up and down the dial to check shutter accuracy. I'll be developing these rolls tonight and may make prints tomorrow.

    Overall, it's a completely different experience using the Pentax 67 vs my Mamiya RZ67. I'm inclined to keep it, but will know for sure once I see how slow I can hand hold it at. I do wish it had a focus lock and some kind of iso dial or memo clip so I can recall what film/iso I currently have in the camera. I sometimes stop shooting for a couple hours for lunch or whatever and it would be nice to have this but no big deal.

    Now then a couple questions. Since firing the shutter without film it seems to be a complicated thing to do, am I correct in thinking that once I take film out of the camera, the shutter is no longer cocked? We all know that leaving a cocked shutter in a camera isn't good for it.

    Do I have to have a service tech change focusing screens?

    Lastly, I didn't see anything in the manual about double exposures although I seem to recall reading that it's possible. Any info?

    Thanks for any pointers you can give.

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    There's a trick to shooting it without film loaded. Open the back and advance the frame counter past #1 by pressing on it and twisting. Hold it in position as you close the back. Then it will cock and fire without film.

    Screens on the P67 were intended to only be replaced by a service tech.

    Pentax used to offer a modification to allow multiple exposures on the P67. Don't know if they still do. Otherwise, you can do it with the leaf shutter lenses.
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    Hello Marc,
    Hope you like your Pentax 6X7. It was my first medium format camera. I bought mine in 1983 and it is still going strong. I always use the mirror lock up feature for speeds 1/60 or less and have not had any problems with blurred images, etc.

    If you decide to keep it consider getting the 55mm wide angle lens, it's very sharp.

    Chris M
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    When you remove film from the camera, it will remain in whatever state you left it in.
    If you exposed the last frame advanced the film to remove it, it will remain cocked.