My new film holders and mystery film

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    This weekend I purchased a little over a dozen 4X5 film holders from the estate of someone who used to work where I work now. Also thrown in was a pair of brand new 5X7 still in the box with guarantee paper and 5 almost new 8X10. Do not need the 5X7 so will be selling them as soon as I get around to it nor do I need the 8X10 as have access to twenty of them at work same as well access to a 8X10 studio camera. However in those film holders was loaded 9 sheets of film so might as well try them out first.
    So I tried tracing out the notches in a changing bag with pencil and paper. It might be TriX 320 but not 100% sure. Any more accurate method of checking for notches and any advise on a place to compare as Googling notches or codes led to only a couple of sites?
    The result is now have all the film holders I need, can perhaps sell the other holders to pay for my purchase and have some cracked dark slides (4X5) that going to experiment with making half slides for 2X5 panoramic. The downside could be that having film to try the 8X10 can be dangerous if I end up liking it :smile: although I can for now borrow the camera and two lenses and have an old Kodak 2 that needs a lens board and bellow repair.