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Discussion in 'Enlarging' started by Rusalka, Dec 14, 2004.

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    Nov 30, 2004
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    after my new info from the thread on diffusion enlarging (thanks bob, ldh) i tried to make some print trying the technik of split printing and using diffusion on either the high or the low filter. it works really great, i love this and now i am a junkie. i also looked at larry wiese website and i like very much his work. my prints didnt look so much like his but i like this new technik and i would like to know more details about mr. wiese technik. with prints i made for black diffusion i selenium toned and they were very striking. when i am looking at his work he seems to maybe be doing some kind of tray bleaching or bleaching in smaller areas as well, i dont know really, anybody know more about his technik in specific.

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    Feb 16, 2004
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    Larry Wiese

    Ciao Katja,

    Lenswork has a number of articles on Larry Wiese and his work...dont know if they break down his technique in might also try to contact him through his website...from what I understand he is a very approachable man and has been an educator for years. I doubt he would be secretive about his technique...keep messing with different combinations of diffusion and split grade printing, also remember that f/stop on the enlarging lens also effects the nature of the can also try even splitting up the hard or light exposures into two: one with and one without diffusion.

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