More results on expired Svema CO32D film

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    May 18, 2005
    Some time ago I posted here about my initial test results with some rather old (expired 2/1989) Soviet (Svema) slide film I picked up on eBay. I've recently shot two more rolls of it, and thought I'd share links with some samples:

    For maximum authenticity, I used Soviet cameras -- a Sokol 2 rangefinder for the Blackstone Valley Bikeway shots and a Zenit E for the East Bay Bike path roll. (I used a Tamron 24mm, a Russian Helios-44K 58mm, and a Russian Tair-11 133mm for the East Bay Bike path set. The Sokol 2 has a non-interchangeable 50mm lens.) The film is officially rated at GOST/ASA 32, but I shot it at ISO 20.

    Unfortunately, I had a Homer Simpson moment when processing the East Bay Bike Path roll: I did the first developer, the following rinses and stop baths, and then the color developer without first pulling the roll for the reversal step! When I realized this, I pulled the reel out, did a reversal, and ran the color developer step again. Amazingly, I got pretty good results despite this fact, although there are more development artifacts (uneven development, etc.) on this roll than on the others I've done. The first roll (of the Blackstone River Bikeway) did not suffer from this problem.