More film.... yes I have MORE :-)

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    More film.... yes I have MORE :smile: ***ALL SOLD***


    I have some extra stock sitting around that I haven't been able to shoot since pretty much fully committing to LF shooting.
    If interested, please send me a message.
    Please also put a comment on this if you're interested in something so others know what's still available.

    ***Prices are PLUS POSTAGE.***
    Shipping is usually in the $5-10 range in the USA via Priority Mail, depending on how much film you want. Int'l shipping is possible too, please message for a quote to your location on this spinnin' ball we call earth(please include that in your message) :smile:

    Paypal or a USPS Money Order please.
    I'm in East LA county, pick-up in-person is fine if you want.

    1. (1) Kodak 400NC *120* 5-roll pro-pack. ***SOLD***
    01/2011 dated

    2. (2) Kodak E200(E-6) *120* 5-roll pro-packs. ***ALL SOLD***
    05/2005 dated

    3. (4) E200(E-6) *120* 5-roll pro-packs. ***ALL SOLD***
    05/2007 dated

    4. (8) loose(in foil, no boxes) rolls E200(E-6) **220**. ***ALL SOLD***
    All 02/2006 dated

    5. (1) Fuji 400H *220* 5-roll pro-pack. ***SOLD***
    09/2007 dated.


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