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    Sep 22, 2002
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    Some months ago Christina Anderson was talking about Mordançage regularly on the Alt-Photo-Process mail list--asking for and sharing information. I followed the conversation with interest, since this was a process I had never heard of. Eventually, I wrote to Chris and asked her to write an article for Unblinking Eye on Mordançage. She promised she would, and the article has finally arrived. When I saw the quality of the images she has produced with the process I was astounded. Take a look: The really neat thing about the process is that you can use old prints that you might otherwise throw away--seconds, mistakes, etc., and often salvage them.
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    Sep 10, 2002
    I have spent several email messages with Christine about this process and got the chemicals together to begin work. Of course this was last summer, and we have yet to get to experimenting, but now you can see why it struck my attention.
    In addition, I purchased her book as a research aid for my classes. It has a great deal of basic information about a wide variety of photo techniques which could be helpful. Simple and straight forward and no I donot get a "kick back".
    For some advance workers it may be too basic but it is great to hand to students and have them wander around looking for something fun to try.