Modifying a Wollensak Velostigmat 7 1/2" for Soft Focus

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    (also posted at LFForum for my friends there.)

    The smaller Wollensak Velostigmat Series II lenses are ubiquitous and cheap.

    classic rear quarter wedge

    Earlier today I carefully modified a 7 1/2" Series II, and at sundown I banged out a set of images to see the results. They are here. Take a look if you're interested.

    The Series II was in an Alphax 3 shutter so that makes it easy to use on 4X5. I installed a spacer behind the front most glass, but not so much that the crown sticks out beyond the barrel, and I also added space where the rear glass in the front group goes in. About 2mm total I think. Everything fit in the shutter as before without any clearance issues.
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    Nice experiment. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking into Pictorialism right now and how to create this style.
    I got me a new Wollaston Meniscus lens recently from Reinhold to make some ULF tests for contact printing.
    The Wollensak Verito diffused focus lens and your lens are often mentioned in discussions and it is nice to see how you did this.
    I recently saw a post (but where?) demonstrating taking this lens apart and adjusting it - probably the same way you did?
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