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    Photography Model Release Form

    I hereby grant XXXX the right and permission to use or publish the photograph(s) referred to below, in which I am included in any promotion, printed or displayed on a website without restriction.

    The photographer may reproduce such pictures in any media now existing or hereafter developed. I understand that this may be used worldwide.

    I understand that the images may be altered and I waive the right to edit, examine or approve of any finished product or use. I understand that I do not own the copyright to the photographs.

    I certify that I am over 18 years of age and that I have full legal right to execute this agreement.


    I am interested to know what people think of the wording for this release. The client had some objections to the words I waive the right to....approve of any finished product or use.

    She wanted to see the images before I submitted any pictures for marketing purposes.

    Should I ask every client to sign a model release form, is it necessary for commercial portraits?
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    I don't want to go into a long answer - but assuming that contract law in the UK is similar to the US - even if a minor "certifies" that she/he is over 18 - if not, the contract is still invalid "on its face".

    Simply put, a minor cannot enter into a contract whatsoever.
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    There are brief model releases like the one above, and others that are several pages long. Do a google search for model release, and select the one that best suits your needs. Simple and clear language is less intimidating than obtuse legalese. Client approval is important in developing trust and cooperation. I would let a client approve images, although this isn't practical in some circumstances.
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    Yes, but in above example model confirm she/he is over 18 and thus have rights to sign contract. Tah is purpose of sentence to make model responsabile for claimins she/he is over 18 and have rights to sign contracts.

    If you exclude that sentence and model sign contract, what then? If model sign contract with this sentence, and after that happens model was under 18, than model lied and photographer is less or not at all responsabile.

    If model sign contract without that sentence, than model can tell photographer didn't asked for hers/his age, and then photographer is responsabile if model is under 18. That sentence put responsability for legal age claiming on model, not photographer. That is purpose of that sentence.

    I don't know but, I would ask model to show ID card, or passport, and beside models signature I would write number of ID card or passport.

    For example:

    Test of contract/agreement

    model signature

    Number of ID card/passport

    Without that I would assume model is under 18.

    Of course if model in start tells she/he is under 18, than I would make all arangements with one or both parents AND model together. And parents would sign contract. Or legal guardians if there are no parents.

    This is important in situation for example: you made photographs, published them, had exhibitions, etc... Then after some time it is found yours model was under 18 in time of photographing. In that situation you may be forbidden to use those photographs further, but you are not responsabile for previous use, because model granted she/he is over 18, and model is responabile for not telling the truth. If there is no sentence like above, you are responsabile because not checking how old was your model in time of signing the agreement, that is time of photographing.

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