Miniaturization for Alternative Processes

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    Oct 29, 2006
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    I was extremelly impressed When I saw some photographs of William Henry Jackson Glass Plates at National Geographic Magazine. Than when I researched the art , it seems to me impossible due to find the lenses, camera and the price of the chemicals. Than this year Eastman House reported a find of a glass plate city negative , they scanned it to one side to other side distance equals to 50 meters or 160 foots. There was still a new detail. Scan size was 150 gigabytes.

    If we play with alternative or silver gelatin technology which produces immense detail , and if my only viewers are the APUG members at gallery , I thought I can miniaturazed the glass size to may be few centimeters wide .

    May be I could contact print 2 centimeters wide carbon or platin prints also and scan them to 7 times and voila!

    Chemical prices drops , camera weights drops.

    Mustafa Umut Sarac