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    Hi guys-
    In days where good color processing may be hard for some of us to find...I wanted to throw out there a good word for Miller's Photo lab. I just found them recently and have been sending them all of my color negative work. They process dip and dunk and are extremely economical. In this case, you get more than what you pay for! Their prints always come back looking pristine. They do such a great job correcting every single proof. They offer free scans to a CD with every roll of 120 that you send in and have printed and they have free FedEx overnight shipping both ways. It's only about $8 for a 12 exp. 6x6 roll of 120! You have to sign up for an account on their website in order to order supplies such as mailers and order forms and to even see their prices. It seem like sort of a hassle at first but it well worth it! Check them out at

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    Thanks for the tip -- these services are getting harder to find, especially a lab that takes care when printing proofs.