'MAMMOTH' Wet Plate Workshop with Luther Gerlach - May 2, May 16, June 13

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    forenote: I posted a general thread yesterday - which was too hasty. This and the others supersede it.

    Luther Gerlach is one of the foremost practitioners of the process - in terms of both practice and theory - he is recognized and used by the Getty Museum for their demonstrations and workshops in the medium. As an interesting side note - he is also the owner and operator of the world's largest 'mammoth' wet plate collodion camera, which you may be able to get a glimpse of while attending the workshop. We will also be offering a special 'mammoth plate' workshop with Luther and his camera.

    The Workshop will be both a technical and practical workshop concentrating on wetplate technique with the world's largest functional wet plate camera. You will create your very own 22x30 wet plate ambrotype, guided through the process by Luther Gerlach. Workshop fee is $275 - and a further $20 off if purchased online - and/or 15% off if purchased online.

    The workshop will be hosted at our gallery in Los Angeles, CA on May 2, May 16 and June 13, 2010. Please write to: workshops@c4gallery.com or call us at 323.462.1600 if you have any questions.

    Please also see our other workshops, incl. gum bichromate, wet plate with Kerik, Lith workshop with Guillaume Zuilli (upcoming, dates not yet set) and