Mamiya TLR Focusing Screens

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    Does anyone know if focusing screens made for the Mamiya C330 S are interchangeable with screens made for the C 330 F (i.e. can I use screens/frames made for an S camera in an F camera or vice versa)?
    And, also, what the specific differences are between them?

    I ask because of a notation I read in the Mamiya TLR System Summary that noted; "The C330s uses different screens and a different mounting method from the C330 and C330f".

    I originally assumed I could use newer screens made for a 330 S in my f camera. Now, I assume, I was wrong in that assumption.

    Thanks for any clarity on this.
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    C330S screens are not interchangeable with other models.

    C330 and C330F screens are interchangeable. They usually come as a unit with part of the upper frame. The C330s screens drop into a recess, and the frame is part of the camera body. (See page 25 (27 in the PDF) )

    They are different designs. The tabs for the mounting clips on the older cameras are not on the S version. I have not had a chance to compare the thickness, so I do not know if you could hack one to fit the other camera model.