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Discussion in 'Medium Format Cameras and Accessories' started by blackdogphoto, Nov 7, 2006.

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    I have a Mamiya 645 super with the left handed grip and trigger release. Now I know that the Pro had a small plug gaget that plugs into the camera body and then into the handle so you can use the handle shutter release button. Will this same plug work on the super?
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    Sadly no.

    The adapter that goes between the Mamiya 645 Pro (or ProTL) and the left hand bracket, is different than the adapter that goes between the Mamiya 645 Super, and the left hand bracket.

    I discovered this, when I bought a second bracket for my 2nd Mamiya 645 Super body, and the adapter that came with it didn't fit.

    The difference is one of shape - the adapters don't clip into the bodies in quite the same way, and there is a curved surface in that location on one of the bodies that isnt there on the other.

    I may be the only person in the world who bought an entire additional camera body (a 645 Pro) because I already had the adapter for it:confused: .

    Part of the problem arises from the fact that it is very difficult to figure out what model of adapter fits which camera. Mamiya doesn't help much, because (at least in Canada) the part numbers in the catalogues that retailers have don't necessarily identify the model numbers of the items, and there is nothing on the adapters themselves that indicate what their part or model numbers are.

    There are some slight differences between the newer model and older model of the brackets, but I find I can interchange the brackets between the cameras, as long as the right adapter stays with the right camera.

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    I have the grip and never have used it because I couldn't figure out which adapter I needed. There's got to be one sitting in a camera shop somewhere!