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Making KODAK Film Books are available

  1. Both the 1st and 2nd edition are available. They were out-of-print during 2018. The demand continued so I had more books printed. Many 1st edition owners have been delighted to buy the 2nd edition.

    details are on my website:

    you can send a private message to me via apug.org P1010268Plr.jpg or email me at:


    Best regards,

  2. Bob, I just ordered the 2nd edition through your website. I have the 1st book. Wonderful books that tell a remarkable story.
    Best Regards Mike
  3. I have both editions. Incredible books. I learned a lot from them.
  4. I PM'd already. While I've insisted on paying for the excellent 2nd edition of the book, Bob will have more than just my copy. You should PM Bob too.