Maasai and "Photo Raiders"

Discussion in 'Ethics and Philosophy' started by Roger Krueger, Sep 11, 2005.

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    An interesting blog post on about how the Maasai view some western photographers. Although part of me wants to sympathize, another part of me is screaming that if Winogrand had extended the asked-for courtesies to indigenous New Yorkers we'd be much the poorer.
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    I can totally respect the Maasai man. However, it was hard to concentrate with the writer being dramatic after every sentence...

    A few points I wasn't so sure about...for example, there were a lot of words about the pictures being commercialized, but then zoo animals with their names was brought up. Animal names given and advertised is a fully commercial act. I can only hope the Maasai people aren't treated like we treat our animals!

    Calling them the correct name is always a good step.

    Not publishing sacred rituals is also probably for the best...

    In short, I sympathize with those peoples, but not with the dramaticists we have over here. We should allow people to speak with their own voices, instead of us interjecting into them.