Linhof technika 6x9

Discussion in 'Medium Format Cameras and Accessories' started by Phil K, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Phil K

    Phil K Member

    Nov 26, 2011
    Hay guys.. I was looking at a moskva 5 originally as my first medium
    format camera...

    but I've been looking at this linhof technika...

    this technika has had a few modifications.. Rangefinder has been removed.
    other mods include a cut away at the top plate to all movements for wide lenses.
    and its been stripped away of anything that was necessary
    for use as a field camera.

    Im trying to find info on this camera.. but I dont know the exact model.

    maybe somebody here knows? Also what are the pro's and con's of this
    camera.. im guessing it has interchangeable lenses..




    thanks. :smile:
  2. TriXfan

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    Jun 18, 2009
    It all depends on what exactly you want to use it for.
    In general, for many functional reasons, you will be better off getting a 4x5.
    Even a Speed Graphic would be an inexpensive and functional camera to get started with.
    It won't do everything, but even with a 6x9 film back it will be less expensive and easier to use. The Linhof 6x9 won't give you a full 6x9 image on film, whereas a back like a 6x9 Horseman on a 4x5 will give you a wider image (or even 6x12)
  3. Mark Fisher

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    Dec 13, 2003
    Medium Format
    Don't forget about lenses and an interchangable back. This isn't what I'd start out with. You might want to consider something like a Mamiya c220/c330 or another TLR (or a Bronica SQ series). The way this is set up, it is basically a large format camera that can't take sheet film.
  4. Paul Howell

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    Dec 23, 2004
    Phoeinx Ariz
    Multi Format
    I would look for a 6X9 Grafic or Bush Pressman with roll back and a working rangefinder, or a Gavin (sp) 6X6 6X9 viewfinder camera. Unless you need a load of movements the rangefinder is handy as you dont need to take the back off to focus.
  5. rknewcomb

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    Sep 12, 2006
    4x5 Format

    Looks like it could be a 6x9cm Technika V. Or, it may be a Technika 70 that once had a rather large rangefinder on top. One way to tell is:
    The tech 70 had a sliding thumb tab on the right side (from behind the camera) that was part of a quick way to change the position of focus cams. If there is no such device on this camera I would say its a Tech V.
    Looks kind of cool utilitarian actually. Probably works great.
    Robert N.
  6. Dan Daniel

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    Jul 4, 2009
    Medium Format
    Phil K, the jump from a Moskva 5 to a Linhof technical camera is pretty severe. Makes me wonder what you are planning to do with a medium format camera.

    I'll throw out a couple of other suggestions: Bronica ETR series, or SQ series. 6x4.5 or 6x6. And the Fuji medium format series of cameras. 6x4.5, and 6x9 models are both not hard to locate.

    And a TLR, like a Mamiya, Yashica, Minolta, Rolleiflex/cord.

    With any of these in decent shape you'll get going with medium format, and get good or better results right off the bat. The Moskvas are not the most reliable cameras and you had better be ready to tinker, clean, adjust, etc. The Linhof sounds as if it has been hacked a bit, and learning a view camera will be much easier on a 4x5 model, even with a 6x9 roll back.

    I just got a Fuji GW690, which gives 6x9 shots on 120 film. Reliable, rangefinder that works, can hand-hold, basically an oversized 35mm rangefinder. Look into something like this or the Bronicas as a way to get going? The chances are that if the medium format bug does get you good, you'll be moving through a few different camera types in the next few months or years. Start with models that will give results right off and that can be sold fairly easily.