LF (5x7) Camera in "I See a Dark Stranger"

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    Jun 24, 2009
    There is a very nice cameo of a wooden LF camera used in a scene from "I See a Dark Stranger", 1946, with Debra Kerr and Trevor Howard. The movie was just shown on TCM today.

    The camera work looks convincing except for the flash, which looks period but not real believable to light such a big room. All in all, it is an interesting scene, although not being a wooden camera expert I didn't recognize the camera or the lens. The scene seems to show the photographer using a lens cap as a shutter and even contains a dark cloth and what would seem to be a dark slide setting on top of the camera above the bellows. It would help to have a DVR with freeze action to see the details. Unfortunately, this is the only airing of this movie on TCM in the near future.