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    For sale is a Leica M2 with self timer in good condition. Body looks good with some light wear, there's a small ding on the top right rear and a light bump on the top right corner, both very minimal. Light brassing on the bottom plate and some light marks here and there all over. Shutter looks great and sounds accurate at all speeds. Finder is bright, there's a couple of spots on the frame lines where it looks like the lines are a bit worn but still perfectly usable. There is some really light haze visible in the finder when looking from the front of the camera, perhaps just dried condensation or something. Not visible when lookign through the finder. There's a tiny chip in the vulcanite just above the lens release button and another by the left lug. Right lug is a little loose, not sure how to get these tightened. Great user camera, not perfect but works perfectly. - $650 OBO

    Also available:
    Contax 25mm f/2.8 Distagon
    Contax 60mm f/2.8 S-Planar Macro
    Contax 50mm f/1.7 Planar
    Contax 85mm f/2.8
    Contax 135mm f/2.8
    Nikon 35Ti w/ Box

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