LEICA and ROLLEIFLEX cases ( UK Only )

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    Offered : My 1936 LEICA IIIa CASE-- the Camera was stolen years ago in a Drive-By theft at Thorpe Park, Surrey. I had Camera bag on ground by me as i was sitting eating Lunch and a Car came round and a bloke had teh door open and leaned out and snatched up my Camera Bag containing my lovely 1936 LEICA IIIa with 50mm f3.5 Elmar, a Weston Master III meter and 2 Praktica lenses I was carrying for a friend ! Police said the thieves had also smashed the window of a posh Bentley car -- so be careful if you go to Thorpe Park ! Case treated with Neatsfoot Oil . Needs some stitching
    £5 - 00 + £2- 95 Postage if you cannot collect from BRENTWOOD Essex

    A Rolleiflex case to fit late 1960's - 70's f3.5 models Been treated with Neatsfoot oil -- needs Stitching
    £5-00 + £2-95 Postage if you cannot collect from BRENTWOOD Essex
    Cheque or PayPal Leica IIIa case 01.JPG Leica IIIa case 02.JPG Rolleiflex case 01.JPG Rolleiflex case 02.JPG
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