Learning the 'Look' of Historical Emulsions (by way of Historical Photographs)

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    Hi All,

    I'm a regular reader of Mike Johnston's site, The Online Photographer. Chances are that many of us are, but the world moves pretty fast, so new APUG readers might not be aware. The majority of Mike's columns are related to modern photographers and equipment, but lately he has spotlighted links to older work. I enjoy these immensely, and would probably not know about them but for professional aggregators/editors like Mike. (http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/blog_index.html)

    I also love the sites Retronauts (http://www.retronaut.co/) and http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/

    Although old silver gelatin photography could be posted in any of the APUG sub-forums, I think it is particularly pertinent here. There are many reasons for making our own emulsions. Each reason comes with its own cluster of technical and aesthetic facets. Learning the history of the materials, and the people who used them because that's what they had to work with, is invaluable to our gaining a deeper understanding of our craft.

    Perhaps we can keep an eye open for links to 'the old stuff' and report here. As matter of civility and honesty, it's always good to credit any 'linker to a link'.