Learn to Make Tin Types & Ambrotypes in Montana Sean Kochel / August 17-22, 2014

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    Learn to Make Tin Types & Ambrotypes in Montana Sean Kochel
    August 17-22, 2014

    Welcome to learning the wet plate photography process. Making tintypes and ambrotypes takes a lot of patience and time to perfect. Through this course I will help you with the learning curve of creating images in wet plate photography. I will give you the satisfaction of creating images before your eyes. While the ability to accept the imperfections and mistakes that come with the process.
    We will learn to make tintype (collodion positives on metal) an ambrotype (collodion positives on glass). From the first steps of picking your substrate to varnishing your final image.
    Silver nitrate is corrosive and stains, old clothes or an apron are recommended. Rubber latex gloves are also a good idea.
    If you have a view camera that has been modified to accept glass plates bring it along. 4x5 and 5x7 cameras work great. Remember to bring a tripod. If don’t have a view camera, an old brownie box camera will work. I have two 5x7 view cameras that will be available to use. They will be equipped with period 19th century lenses.
    If bringing an expensive view camera, be warned that silver nitrate will stain parts of the camera.
    Since wet-plate photography exposure times are slow compared to modern photography. Lenses without shutters are preferred or a lens that you can keep the shutter open. You will also need a light tight lens cap for your lens, since this will act as your shutter.
    If you have any more questions about this course you can contact me a ]sean@kochelguitars.com

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