Laguna Arts Festival '07-Observations

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    I attended the annual Laguna Arts festival and the Sawdust festival, both held for about three months every summer in the always enjoyable city of Laguna Beach, CA. The Arts Festival also has the world famous "Pageant of the Master", which is "live" paintings on stage- something hard to explain but a must at least once in a persons lifetime.

    So, Photographers...Several still doing silver prints, one doing platinum and many utilizing hybrid/digital output. Thought I'd post a few links. I only "know" some of these folks from several years of attending the festival. This is a unique venue as exhibitors are accepted via jury and must live in the coastal areas of Laguna Beach.

    Sales-Most say they do very well. If the artist is present in the booth a direct sale gives them 100% of price. If not present, the sales booth handles transaction and the festival takes 20%. Considering the volume of attendance, a premier venue.

    Matt Bond (Silver prints)

    Karen Fadel (8x10 Polaroid transfers)
    8x10 transfers about $450.00

    Christopher Bliss (New York Pictures) 6x7 film capture-not sure of output as I missed seeing his work
    $$ ??

    Robert Hansen - I'm assuming film capture, digital output as good as I've seen. Some Pigment prints with varnish overlay were very nice.
    $700-$1200 avg.

    Dennis Dunton - Film capture/Digital output

    Diane Reardon (silver prints-No website). Nice work, straight forward, well printed. Avg. price around $350.00

    Julie Sample - Platinum prints. Many from 8x10 negs, many from pano (6x17?) scanned to digi negs. Simple subject matter, perhaps trite, but well done. Price range $500-900 ea.
    Julie used to send her negs to PA for image setter output, now doing her own on EPSON2200/Pictorico film.

    MY money however would have gone for a woodcut by Mariko Ishii. I can't find a here's the festivals page:
    Gorgeous work. If I had $1250 it would have gone for one of these...

    15 years ago I also became familiar with Scott Moore's paintings...then they were about $2500 and now, 20-30k ea. and he usually puts only two in the festival and both sell within the first week. I should have bought one years ago..I do have one of his signed offset prints. His work is marvelous.

    The Sawdust Festival
    I saw and spoke to one photog (Bruce Hampton) who prints b&w in the darkroom and color on inkjet/lightjet. Nice guy, sells well and average prices around $150-300. Most b&w on/within 11x14 paper.

    The festivals runs through September 2
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    Thanks for shareing Matt. Good stuff.
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    Nice report Matt.

    Speaking of paintings, when I was young I use to go to an Art Gallery and look at the wall titled Up and Coming Artists. I can't remember the name of the painter right now, but at the time I could have bought 8x10's for $200-$250. Last I heard he was very collectible at $50,000 and up and that was years ago now.