Kromskop Camera, Viewers and Color Filters

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    I am amazed with Frederic Ives Kromskop Camera Images. Do these cameras color filters and their viewers color filters matches with todays RGB Filters ?
    How old timers prepared such filters ? Is there any spectral comparison ever made ? Is it possible to repeat old coating technology or are they colored glasses but not coated ? Where to look for that research ?
    If I find the filter manufacturer, may be I can go from patent route. If I find the spectral curves , I can order the coatings.
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    Color Separation Filters

    E. J. Wall wrote filter making instructions in his 1922 book, Practical Color Photography. The book is not difficult to locate but you can also download it for free at this link:

    Chapter 2 describes how to make separation filters. Chapter 11 gives complete directions for making a photochromoscope, and the viewing filters. Wall describes the issues surrounding the selection of appropriate taking and viewing color dyes.

    I think you might find what you are looking for in this book.