Kodak Supra Endura RC paper storage confusion

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    I think before 2008, there was no expire date on Kodak's Endura paper box. My photo accessory supplier keeps saying that it can last for years if kept in refrigerator and the box indicates keeping the paper below 13 degrees celcius. Howeve, the batches later have the expiracy date, for about 18 months after manufactoring. I am not sure under what storage condition for this 18 months of shelf life. Can it be good for long if put in refrigerator? I was told that it was good even after 10 years of storage in room temperature in South California. Please enlighten me because I am afraid that Kodak will stop selling the sheet form of Endura and I am going to stock some. Thanks
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    I've had fuji paper go bad pretty fast (apparently a month or two) at room temperature, but I've kept kodak paper out of the fridge for months with no ill effects. If you're using the paper and working through a box, it should be fine outside, but if you're storing it, stick it in the fridge or freezer. I already loaded up my fridge with a few hundred sheets. I'm set till it expires.