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    KODAK Darkroom Dataguide for B&W 5th edition 1976 $5. Excellent condition Chock full of data. Table of contents is attached. Also includes a nice 18% gray card.

    KODAK COLOR DATAGUIDE 1968 $5 Excellent Gray card and useful calculators for , viewing filters. .

    KODAK Professional Photoguide R28 1977 $8 Excellent. This is a very useful book for exposing info. It includes: exposure meter info, metering guidence, Light ratio guidence, Artificial Light info, Gray scale table, Gray card, gray scale, color patches, existing light exposure calculator, color balance calculator, contrast control using filters for b&W, flash calculator, fill-in flash guidence, perscpective, slose-up charts, depth of field calculator, close-up exposure dial, optical formula dial, conversion tables

    I am happy to sell items on APUG and I make a contribution to APUG.

    To make this work please:

    To buy send me a private message (PM) with your email address for use in communicating; I will provide my email address via PM.

    If you use PayPal I will ship to the address PayPal provides.

    Books to US adresses are via MEDIA MAIL, I can ship outside US. For shipping I will charge you what the USPS charges me.

    When you ask a question or pay tell me what item you are referring to!

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