KB Canham Kodak Portra 160 ULF Sheet Film Opportunity

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  1. Michael Kadillak

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    Nov 16, 2003
    Just to let you all know, KB Canham currently has a unique opportunity for you to participate in Kodak sheet film ordering arrangements for which the ordering minimums to proceed forward have already been met and the film will be ordered shortly. You can order one or as many boxes as you want to tag along in this special arrangement and in just a couple of weeks the order will be placed with Kodak. No waiting at all.

    Here are the current possibilities:

    8x10 T Max 100

    20x24 Portra 160

    12x20 Portra 160

    We all know that the price for 20x24 and the 12x20 Portra sheet film is a real eye opener, but if you shoot either of these formats it is a rare chance to tag along for a one box minimum and see what happens. With the recent Kodak price increase the 8x10 T Max 100 is a bit over $70 per 10 sheet box. Give Keith a call and he can answer any questions you may have and provide you with some additional details. Keith can be reached at (480) 250 3990.