Jupiter-9 85/2 LTM+M lens

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    The good old Jupiter-9, a russian copy of the Zeiss Sonnar, for your Leica screw or Leica M mount camera. These are remarkably good lenses when they work. Russian lenses are prone to some problems, an the Jupiter-9 especially. It's simply a complicated design.

    So, what's special about this one is that it works. Rangefinder couples properly on my Voigtlander Bessa R2A, aperture stops down fine at all points, focuses properly. You take a risk every time you try and buy one of these on eBay, and I'm told that the black models seem to be more prone to problems than the chrome models. Fekda offer a service especially for Jupiter-9 lenses, weighing in at $58 to get your J-9 up to speed.

    The usual barrel scuffs for a 30 year old lens, no real problems. A bit of dust here and there, nothing a microfiber cloth wont fix, and the glass is clear. Surprisingly free of scratches. I've shot with this lens, and it works, and works well. 85mm is a mighty nice portrait focal length, and you can use the 90mm framelines on your camera without any trouble - just compose with the outside of the lines instead of the inside, if you're worried. f/2 is fast at this length too. I used it for low light stuff in the pub.
    Focuses smoothly with no rough spots, aperture is smooth.

    Includes caps on both ends, plus a Screw Mount to M mount adapter. Serial number 7702579 (so made in 1977).
    $90USD plus postage at cost from South Australia. I cover paypal fees, percent to APUG.USD
    Price : 90.00