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Discussion in 'Texas' started by photomc, May 7, 2006.

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    Hey guys and gals!!

    Wanted to give everyone a heads up about show at the AfterImage Gallery in Dallas...June Van Cleef has a new show up 'TEXAS OUTBACK' to along with her new book of the same name. You can see some of the images here. I know that an outing is planned for this month to meet for coffee/breakfast and thought some might want to wonder over to the AfterImage later. Can't make it myself, but hope someone does.

    Lee, this reminds me a lot of your work (but then I am partial to your stuff) thought you would like to know about it (but then you probably already know)
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    hi mike,

    I talked to June about a year ago at a party out in Abliene. We have a friend in common. Bill Wright who was the host of the party wrote the intro to her lastest book. He has photographed the Tigua Indians and has a book on that subject also. She showed me some work and we talked a lot about the area. Nice woman. She is retired now from teaching at Colin County Commuity College. I do intend to go see the show.

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