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  1. rootberry

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    Nov 1, 2004
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    Ok, It seems to me that the info on this film is extremely varied. JandC 100 is a different emulsion, and JandC 200 is "repackaged bergger".. I saw on the JandC site "thick like super-XX", and thats all I needed to see to get me excited. I'd love to try some of this stuffs in 8x10 (my first 8x10 cam is on the way soon).. Has anyone tried this film in 8x10? With pyrocat-HD? Do you like it... Dislike it?? Sorry if this has been beaten into the ground, but all the info seems to be back and forth..
  2. mark

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    Nov 13, 2003
    Is this classic 200 if so....

    I like it in a normal to contrasty situation, minus development is pretty good. It has no N+ capablilities beyond N+1 and that might be pushing it. But in the right lighting I really like what I get. FOr low light I am using Efke PL100 and am really happy. JandC 400 is supposed to have better expansion characteristics.
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    Oct 16, 2002
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    Down Boy! JandC Classic 200 is NOTHING like Super XX. There are no old style "thick emulsion" films being manufactured today by anyone. So forget it.

    I've used a few boxes of JandC. There are many films I prefer to it.
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    Feb 3, 2004
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    Having never played with XX, I can't comment on whether it's like it or not. I suspect not. BUT... J&C200 is a pretty nice film, dirt cheap, and available in sizes I use, like 3x4. This might not be so spectacular to you now, but two years ago, that was it. That film gave new life to a Z-I Trona, my 3x4 Speed, not to mention my Kalart Press cameras.

    I rate it around 160, give or take a half stop, well give a half stop at least, and it does well in Rodinal, superb in W2D2+, and quite adaquately in '777'. What more can I ask for?

    Are there films I prefer? Sure. APX100. But you can't get that anymore.

    tim in san jose