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    Jun 22, 2004
    As of January, 2018, we have ceased construction of our best selling, standard HYBRID BLACKJACKET in favor a new version, the HYBRID SHADOW BLACKJACKET.

    The features of the cloth remain the same in the new version, but, (with the exception of the neck), the new HYBRID SHADOW is constructed entirely of soft, supple, woven, water-resistant, breathable fabric.

    The change was the result of dynamic market conditions. In recent years, we found it difficult to reliably obtain the aluminized fabric we’ve employed in both the ORIGINAL, and later, the HYBRID models of our focusing cloths. The challenge became more and more of an obstacle, with some product being out of stock for extend periods.

    So, I began seeking alternatives and I was pleased to realize that I was already using the best replacement.

    The latest material used for the inside of the white/black fabric sandwich that serves as the top of the focusing cloth was just as dark, and weighs less than the aluminized fabric.

    The change saves two ounces on the weight of the HYBRID 4x5/7 and 8x10 cloths. Additionally, since the fabric is not coated, it is even more comfortable to use in hot/humid conditions than its predecessor.

    We are fully stocked with both 4x5/7 and 8x10 SHADOWs.