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    I have now got my third copy of Inscape magazine.
    This magazine is an independent magazine built and produced around subcscriber submissions based upon a theme set by the editor William Bishop.
    Also included in the pocket sized mag are book reviews, editorials and showcasing subscribing and submitting photographers.
    Im very impressed by the publication as it seems not to be judgemental or critical of submissions and there is no element of competition , I can only comment on the publications I have.
    Some of the submissions are very thought provoking in visual and written context and can sometimes give inspiration where perhaps you may not have contemplated.
    If I can also make a suggestion for some of the Eastern Counties photographers to have a look at LIP London Independent Photographers another fine band of people of all tastes and walks of life which have something to give back the link is with Inscapes at the the bottom of this post

    Rgsd Dustym