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    Hi everybody,

    To get started, here are the guidelines.

    This area is for individual print trading, meaning one to one print exchanges.

    The procedure for now is as follows:

    Post a specific print for trade.

    Post an image of the print, and information about it. Important information might be size, if and how it is mounted (it doesn't have to be), process (gelatin silver contact print, etc.), paper type (RC, Fiber, Cot320, etc) This information helps prospective traders form a better idea of what the physical artifact (print) is like, beyond just seeing a jpeg. This exchange is about prints.

    Responders can PM the original poster, to inquire about trading.

    After a trade is complete, the person on the other side of the trade might consider posting the print they traded in the thread.

    Offer only a print that you have in hand, ready to mail out. This goes both ways. This is intended to be a reasonably fast process for participants, so stick to things you can mail out promptly after an exchange is agreed upon.

    Postage is the responsibility of the individual participants, meaning you pay the postage to ship your own print. If you are worried about international shipping, find out where your douppleganger is located before agreeing to an exchange. This is an international forum.

    Prints should be analog according to the charter of APUG. No lab printed lightjets, inkjets, hybrid process, etc. Duh.

    You may put a closing date on your post, by which all offers for trading must be in, if you wish.

    No OP is under obligation to choose a print from the offers, but if the OP responds positively to an offer, you must both follow through.

    Remember, If nobody is responding to your offer, or an OP isn't responding to an offer, that isn't something to be taken personally. They may be interested in trading with a specific person, a specific type of print, or specific content.

    More advanced photographers might look at this as an opportunity to gift the specimen of a fine print to those just starting out, who may have never had the chance to see and hold a magnum caliber example. Perhaps you will be getting an early print from a future noted photographer in return.

    If problems arise, please PM me, and allow me some time to try to sort things out, before you go all wiggy in the forum.

    I can't have thought of everything, so if there is a point that needs clarification, or a constructive suggestion, please let me know.

    Above all, have fun, and enjoy!!
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