(In)visible Spaces: Photography Exhibition

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    Mar 23, 2009
    (In)visible Spaces
    Philadelphia, PA
    June 14 - July 29
    Opening Reception: Thursday, June 14, 6-8 pm

    Ales Hlousek and Sarah Kaufman

    Project Basho is pleased to announce its upcoming two-person exhibition, (In)visible Spaces, featuring work by Onward Compé 2009 winners Ales Hlousek and Sarah Kaufman. While Hlousek and Kaufman deal in opposite realms, together their work is a compelling blend of public and private spaces, creating a visual journey of inner lives and outer worlds.

    Hlousek’s series focuses on Toledo, Ohio, a crumbling monument of culture and architecture rife with urban sprawl. In a departure from his earlier work that explores the beauty of utilitarian architecture, Hlousek’s Toledo Project is much bleaker, exposing spaces so ordinary that they beg the question, “what exists here? Is it anything at all?”

    In contrast, Kaufman’s work is an “inherently human investigation” in which she documents her subjects’ most private moments. Working in their homes, Kaufman explores the relationship between her subjects and their bodies, capturing the spaces they occupy while alone. Her still, poetic images evoke a universal sense of home and identity.

    The juxtaposition of Hlousek’s and Kaufman’s work reveals what is seen and unseen, a world illuminated by a tattered Rust Belt city and our most vulnerable inner dwelling places.


    About Project Basho
    Project Basho is a photography resource center located in the Old Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. A small, dedicated organization run by and for photographers, Project Basho offers digital and analog friendly facilities, classes and workshops, and a gallery space that is home to ONWARD Compé.

    About ONWARD Compé
    An annual photography competition for emerging photographers, ONWARD Compé seeks to increase the exposure of talented image-makers, creating new outlets for their work. Juried by a leading figure in contemporary photography, ONWARD Compé draws thousands of submissions from across the nation and around the globe. For more information, visit http://compe.onwardphoto.org.

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