In Need of some help with my friend "Reciprocity Failure"

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    hey all,

    i've been testing out some of the various slide films lately, and i've come upon the results that I've liked what I've been getting off of E100G and Fuji Provia. But being that after school is done for the summer(night classes), I want to make a trip up to the bristlecones(sierras). I've seen some really neat long exposures made at night (a few mins to a few hours, etc). I have the longing to make some of my own.

    But I know that Fuji is better than Kodak for reciprocity, but being that I want to shoot Kodak(i prefer the color palette more), do any of you guys or gals have the reciprocity time and filtration factor sheets for kodak e100g? and maybe for provia as well?

    and maybe kodachrome (i got 20 rolls of 35mm or so to shoot before the end of 2010 :sad:)

    i've read the pdf from kodak that anything from 1/10.000 up to 10 seconds needs no time adjustment or filtration adjustment, but when talking about a few hours, its a little different. and being that I'm a student with limited means, shooting film for extensive self-testing purposes is kind of out of the question.

    i'll be shooting mainly 120 and 4x5 for this trip. except for the Kodachrome


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    Generalizing by brand may cause you to miss some good candidates, like Ektachrome 200.

    Kodak doesn't recommend Kodachrome at one second or beyond, no filter pack info or anything. The last time I tried Kodachrome II (about 1970) at 20 seconds and more, it was extremely purple/magenta and needed long extensions of exposure time. Even at 1/10th second the current Kodachrome 64 is +1/3 stop and CC05R.

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