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    Aug 29, 2002
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    Hi All,

    It looks like the migration to the new site will happen sometime between Friday and Saturday US time this week.

    Please note everything will be converted 100% except the following:

    -images attached to posts
    -gallery images
    -personal messages in your personal message box

    I recommend the following actions if you want to save this data:

    -create a folder on your PC called 'apug' or whatever you want to name it.
    -right click on your avatar, select save file, save it to this folder
    -right click on any gallery images that you want to keep, save them in the folder
    -right click on any forum post attachments you want to keep, save them in the folder
    -create a text document. Open any personal messages you would like to keep, copy the text and past it into your new text document.

    I'm sorry we can't convert everything, but overall the impact is minimal. The main thing is that user accounts and posts will be converted. I will have a backup of the old site should anyone find they forgot to save something. We will also have the old site in place should there be any problems with the migration. Many sites have done this same procedure with success so we should be fine.

    Thanks guys [​IMG]