Images of voices exhibition at HOST Gallery - London

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    Just got this in an email from Fuji UK and thought some here might be interested (I live way to far from London to enjoy it myself).

    The HOST gallery in London is holding an exhibition of portraits by Laurie Fletcher, entitled 'Sorry we cannot connect your call.' The exhibition opens on 8 August and runs until 31 August.


    The exhibition is the culmination of a year's work and research into iconic voices that are regularly heard, despite the person behind the voice being a mystery. The inspiration behind the images comes from London Underground's iconic announcement 'Please mind the gap between the train and the platform.' There will be an interactive element to the exhibition, with the relevant voices being available to help visitors match a face with a voice.

    Laurie explained more about her exhibition: "We rely on, listen to and obey these instructions whilst being completely unaware of who owns the voices. Without visual representation do they become just background noise? Is this yet another demonstration of society's step away from daily human interaction? The aim for this portrait exhibition is to take a subject whose voice forms a part of our everyday life and allow viewers to make the human connection to a part of their everyday life."

    The subjects of the exhibition are Marcus Bentley, narrator of Big Brother; Emma Clarke, voice of the London Underground; James Alexander-Gordon, from Radio 5 Live's Sports Report; Andy Freidlander, voice of the FA Cup Final and the Ashes; Brian Cobby, the speaking clock; Pat Whymark, of British Telecom; Randall Lee-Rose, from British cinema trailers; Marcus Hutton, who reads the numbers on the National Lottery and Phil Sayer, who is responsible for the announcements at UK railway stations.

    All the images were taken on Fujichrome Astia 100F film and the prints were made on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper. During the exhibition, Fujifilm Professional is giving away 100 rolls of this much loved low contrast transparency film in a free prize draw. 10 lucky winners will each receive 10 rolls of Fujichrome Astia 100F 120 film.

    Further details and directions are available from
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    I `cling´ to the radio, what means being acquainted in a way with certain voices. Sometimes these accompanied me for many years. Thus some sort of image arose, or at least a feeling got to these voices. Which made me wonder wonder if it would be a good idea to see those faces behind these voices. Sometimes I nevertheless saw those faces or even came across those persons. Mostly I was disappointed, in the sense they were different to the image I had in mind or even evoked in person other feelings than by their voices.
    I’m not sure whether I would go there if I knew the voices.

    Perhaps a bit like dating someone who one only knows by voice so far…