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    Like most of us, I expect, I've got a handful of my own photos scattered around my office. Yesterday a cow orker popped in, we talked about work for a second, and he looked at the photos on my bookshelf and said "What's the old photo?"

    I assumed he meant the C-41 print of my wife on a horse, which is actually only about ten years old but looks kind of faded (a little overexposed and poorly printed to boot). I was about to answer accordingly when he added, "Is that you as a baby?"---and I realised he meant the little 6.5x9 contact print, in a faux-gilt oval frame, of my wife, son, and mother-in-law, taken a little under a year ago!

    I don't have a scan of the print, unfortunately, or I'd show it off, but it was intended to look like a mid-century family photo. On reflection, the whole process used "old-style" materials and equipment: Efke 100, an early 1930s Kodak Recomar 18, contact print on chloride paper (Fomalux 312) developed in good ol' Dektol. If I'm not mistaken, except for the particular paper, everything about this process was available from 1952. Still and all, I'm pretty proud of it for having "passed" as a Genuine Old Picture!