Ilford 2010 ULF Film Program

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    This year as in the past the Ilford ULF Film Program lets you place orders for your favorite size HP5+ or FP4+ film by June 18th for deliver mid-September. All orders are prepaid and can not be canceled. Shipping will be charged separately when we receive the film and ship it to you.

    You can order as few as one box. I suggest you order enough film to fill your needs for 6 months to a year since there is no guarantee that we will have stock in your favorite size the rest of the year.

    Please email my assistant, Dennis at with the subject line "ULF Film Program" for a list of sizes available and prices or you can call us at +1 480 767 7105, Monday through Friday 9:30am to 2:30pm MST (GMT -0700). Please call rather than place the order on the web since not all sizes are online.

    This is a great opportunity to show Ilford that you support their efforts to keep film alive.


    Fred Newman