I found 61 year old negatives & 43 year old Stero Neg.

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    Dec 16, 2005
    I found a real old dirty box in the basement and when i looked inside there were a couple of Kodak boxs, the one was marked my baby pictures, it looks like i was 6 months old, on the face of the box it read Kodaslide and also Mounted Color Transparencies, they are 2X2 inches. On the back of the slides in regular print is the #25 B 3998-1. Printed inside the box it reads=Kodaslide Table Viewer, 4X, below that it reads Kodaslide Merit Project, at the far right of the box it reads Box # CP-18C. This box you could send in the mail because it reads Kodak Processing Laboratory, 1712 Prairie Ave, Chicago 16 Illinois. Next to it this box on the shelf there is a big dirty old box marked Kodak and heavy, i did not open it yet but it might be the Projector. These are 60 1/2 year old. In color.

    The # 2 box is from my High School Graduation so they are 43 years old, the box reads Kodachrome Stero Transparencies, there are 2 pictures on one slide=Stero i would say, the slides are 4 inches wide by 1 1/2 high in color.

    What type of Camera 63 years ago might be used and also i think the Stero one was by Kodak, on the Stero one could i take it to a good lab to have prints made like 5X7 or 8X10.
    Sorry this was so long but i wanted to make sure i gave all of you the right information.
    Thanks a whole bunch.
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    Try that with digits.

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    The stereo slides can be scanned and printed easily, and you can get a viewer to view them in stereo very inexpensively as well. I often deal with www.berezin.com/3d for stereo supplies, and an inexpensive viewer will only cost a few bucks, and then you can see them the way they were mean to be seen!

    - Randy