I bought some frames from Frame Destination....

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    I didn't know that Frame Destination was an APUG sponsor until a few minutes ago.......Great to see that they are a sponsor.

    I recently bought 22 wooden frames from them. I rec'd 11 today and got a chance to examine them. I am exceedingly happy! I can't wait to get my collection framed and on the walls. The b&w photos will look just great.

    I made a post on another board related to materials, but I thought I'd re-post it here so the sponsor could see it. I have been dealing directly with Joely there.


    Earlier post:

    I recently bought 22 wooden frames, a mix of custom and standard sizes from 11"x13" up to 28"x34". I got a walnut stain with a satin finish. The profile of the frame is very nice: a 3/4" lip on the front that does not intrude into the image and the frame depth is 1.25" which stands well away from the wall. The joints are very well done, all corners meet perfectly. The stain quality is very consistent and the finish quality is very smooth and satiny.

    I have a lot of work to put them together, but I did put in one of my black and white Brett Westons and it looks just beauitful. These frames are just stunning in person! No picture can do them justice.

    I first saw b&w photographs in walnut frames some years ago in a travelling show of Edward Weston's work and they were very elegant. I wanted the same look in my house.

    I can highly recommend these frames and the company that I got them from. I placed the order online and they were done and shipped the following day! Customer Service was really on the ball and kept in touch with me on the phone and via email.

    The company is Frame Destination and their site is


    I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality frames, these truly are gallery quality.

    Standard disclaimer: I don't work there, I don't know anyone there, I am not an investor and I don't get a toaster if anyone orders anything. I just want to share a great purchasing experience!


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