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    During an outing with some of the Dutch Leica users I came across a photographer hanging photographs in a park, remarkable photographs of life in Siberian villages, villages which will be threatened by the rising dam waters of the Boguchany hydroelectric power station, currently under construction. Construction has been resumed owing to the unreliability of the Sayano–Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station. While this is not the forum for discussing the accidents at Sayano–Shushenskaya, and the ecological impact of large dams in general it is one for discussing photographers and their work, and when work of social consciousness is presented it validates the art of photography.

    As the work of Irina Popova does. She presents the inside of the remote communities soon to be disposed and presents the lives of ordinary people in an intimate and dignified way, a way of life which for them will disappear. Her work goes further as an examination of her site shows, a poignant record of life in all its facets. There are too many photographs in the world, but from photographers like Irina there are not enough.

    Her web site is http://www.irinapopova.net