Hyattsville Arts Fair - big thanks!

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    Wow- huge thanks to all who came out to Art Reactor on Saturday as part of the Hyattsville Arts Fair. We had several hundred visitors over the course of the day. We talked a lot about our work, our classes, and our mission to any and all who came through (and even made a sale or two!). It was great to see folks we hadn’t seen in quite a while, meet new faces, and just hang out for art.

    Saturday morning was insane – I stopped by Utrecht the evening before to get some last minute matting supplies. They also had a really nice print display stand (The Stand) which I snagged to have a place to keep the loose matted prints.

    I think it’s a sign of the digipocalypse that 11×14 print preserver bags have been displaced from store shelves by 11×17 bags. I only got one pack of bags because I was worried they wouldn’t stretch to accommodate anything more than a 4-ply mat. Turns out to be needless worry- I was able to fit a print with a 4-ply back and an 8-ply mat in the bag without difficulty. So I’ll be ordering more bags soon.

    Anyway, getting back on track, I was up at 5:00 in the morning on Saturday to finish cutting mats and mounting prints for the show. By 8:30 I had 25 prints in a mix of 5×7, 6.5 x 8.5 and 8×10 mounted, matted and bagged. I arrived at the studio at 9:30, and even though the fair hadn’t started yet, it was already crowded and I had to park the other side of Route 1. Got in, set up, and even got the windows cleaned by the 10:00 opening. By 11, we had our nifty new Art Reactor sign in the window, and traffic was flowing in. Barry had his ca. 1910 Century 8A studio camera with his Dallmeyer 3A lens on it set up in the window, and it was a major attention-getter. The rest of the day is pretty much a blur, other than taking a quick break to grab a pulled-pork sandwich from Franklyns Cafe (YUM!). The weather was beautiful, so we had great foot traffic all day (it helped a little that the hair salon next door had a big balloon bouquet and some disco music pumping to draw crowds down the street from the main row of arts and crafts displays (note to self- get sandwich board and balloon bouquet to put outside next year!).

    Just a reminder- Barry has a cyanotype workshop coming up June 5 and a Wet Plate Collodion workshop (REALLY COOL!!!!) coming June 18 and 19. I have a mini-workshop, “So You’re Going to be in an Art Show, Now What?” this Thursday, May 27 from 8-10 pm, the Platinum/Palladium workshop (also very cool!!) June 26-27, and the Photographing the Male Nude in the Studio class has been rescheduled to August 7. June 15 is the deadline for submissions to the Whole Plate Project juried competition, so get your entry fees and CDs of images sent in ASAP, as this is just around the corner!!!

    To sign up for classes or to find out more about Art Reactor, check out our blog at