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Discussion in 'Ethics and Philosophy' started by Tony Estcourt, Jul 4, 2007.

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    This is a great exhibition and I thought it worthwhile giving my impressions of this exhibition to a group who might appreciate it.

    Firstly, the exhibition covers all the leading photographers, from the beginning of photography to the present day, the common factor being the subject, Britain.

    1. The earliest photographers managed to achieve a beatuful print quality that would rival anything today. OK its not quite a sharp, but smooth tonal values, real workmanship is evident.

    2. The whole exhibition has many prints who's subject matter is quite ordinary, or would have appeared so at the time. But in 2007 has a striking effect. Many of these people were not so innovative, took pictures of fruit, WW2 burns victims, inhabitants of Romford council estate houses etc.

    3. Very little digital (I guess) the most modern prints I'm really pleased to say were some of the most beatiful works, from a workmanship point of view. Simon Norfolk etc. were represented. Huge prints, great detail and all seem to have a simple "observational" theme.

    4. The location and building are great. Free entry to a very well kept building and attentive staff. It was terrible weather at the weekend and with more terrorist activity happening, London was not so busy.

    I recommend anyone within reach of London pays a visit, for the rest I wanted to say how this re-inforced that my personal approach to photography is photography, whilst un-fashionable, is one shared with some of the greats. Or maybe I just liked it (and the photoraphers) because they have similar preferences?
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    Thanks for the tip - I'll try to make a day of it.