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  1. Angelo V

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    Feb 6, 2018
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    Hey everyone...happy to be here....started shooting, and processing back in 1983, got my Canon T70 on my 18th birthday. Learning to shoot, process and develop prints became an everyday joy. When film began its decline, I was very reluctant to make the switch over to digital, and for many years, mid 90's to mid 2000's I hardly was shooting at all...and if I did (ie.kids, travel, snapshots) I would grab a digital point and shoot. Early 2010, my wife gave me my first true DSLR, a Canon 7D. This renewed my love with photography, and digital was finally as good as the old film I used to shoot, or so I thought! A 7Dmark ii and 5Dmark iv later and I still wasn't finding the true joy that I once remembered as a kid...pulling negatives off of the reel and holding them up to the light to see if I had succeeded..........So now I very happily have made the transition back to the medium Ive always loved. I will run a roll of film through just about any camera I can get my hands on, just to feel it out...but currently I am shooting a home made 4x5 pinhole, Mamiya RZ67 proii, Pentax 3000, EOS650, Argus 75, and I'm running a roll through a plastic point and shoot panorama camera...LOL. I process all my own but I primarily scan the negatives into the computer, for display and printing. I still shoot my digital's...but I am definitely more passionate about my film!
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    Hello Angelo, from a transplanted L.I.N.Y'er.........we left Huntington Station when I was 7 and relocated to So Cal.
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