Help with Hasselblad Please.

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    May 13, 2006
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    Yes OK it was my own fault, I changed lenses on my 500CM and the body jammed. Did the screwdriver trick to recock the shutter and got the lens off. Now the rear curtain willnot close when shutter released, only when body wound on and does not open fully when shutter fired, no lens or back fitted.

    Please is ther anything I can do to fix it myself or is it a repair shop job, body servise £115+ VAT @ 17.5% :mad:

    I know others have had the jamming problem, this is where I learned about the screwdriver trick, but I cannot recall any one haveing the rear curtain problems when they reset the body in this way.

    All help and advise greatfuly recived thanks.

    Regards Paul.
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    May 24, 2005
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    I once had a problem like this on an older 500C camera. The mechanism that controlled the barn doors in the back of the camera had failed due to old age and dry rot. It was definitely a technician's fix. I would take it to someone who you know who is reliable and have them give you a diagnostic and repair quote. Sometimes these things are a $5 repair, and sometimes they're a $500 repair.